Morph Me

FlixBay Technologies Inc. is located in Sunnyvale, CA. in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our technology strengths are color image processing, networked media, digital media and mobile applications. These technologies allow for new to the world consumer software products. FlixBay provides mixed and augmented reality products for the consumer.

Viver Video App


Viver is a novel video app that will insert you into a video or photo scene. All one does is record a new video of yourself. The app software will auto-extract and place you into another video. This is done easily and in a matter of seconds.

This is what can be accomplished. Just record a video of oneself or a friend. Next, select from one of many background scenes. Presto, you are inserted into the scene on autopilot. Click the play button to view yourself in the new scene. One can even make use of video or photo on their iPhone device and use them as background scenes. Once one has made the perfect video creation, they are ready to share. Send the amazing video to friends. Post to social media or send by text / email.

Morph Me Project


The first use of color image processing technology is with the “Morph Me” project.  This will auto extract the people from a 2D image or video.  The “person extraction” technology is with the Morph Cafe mobile app. This enables interactive media using augmented reality, AR.

Just snap a photo of a friend. Select from over 150 backgrounds to create a photo quality result. With just a click, you now have a new and attractive background. In one second you are in Paris!

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